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Kell’s Life is Changing After a Stem Cell Treatment for Autism at World Stem Cells Clinic in Cancun

Stem Cell Treatments Provides ASD/Autism Children and parents with hope and successes that can change their lives. World Stem Cells Clinic has given ASD Stem Cell Treatments that gave big improvements in the eyes of the parents, such as being able to start talking, potty training, interacting with other children and adults, less radical behavior, being able to go out for a simple dinner without a disturbance.

Kells Autism Stem Cell Treatment

An email from Kell’s mother:

Yesterday was our first day back at home in our regular routine. I, of course, wanted to follow Kell around all day and show him how to do new things, but I had to deal with boring things like laundry and bills. Now that we are back at home I can’t believe we actually did what we did. I can’t believe that we took Kell to another country to have a medical procedure. It sounds crazy, but I’m so glad that we did it!

It is absolutely clear to us that the stem cell therapy has created a whole new environment in Kell’s body. We are seeing an ability to focus on objects and actions that we have never seen anything close to in the years leading up to this point.

So yesterday we did more potty training, drinking out of a straw, pointing at objects and people when asked where they are, and the regular therapy that he receives each day. I have to say that therapy yesterday was easier with him! He wasn’t trying to do other things instead of his therapy. He seemed more focused than usual and a lot more calm. He has mastered drinking out of a straw – that took about 2 days. And we have retired the big boy sippy cups! Thank God! Those things are a pain to wash and put together. The doctors told us that while we are challenging him, we need to take things one step further than we would think to start with. For example, instead of using pullups while potty training, go ahead and put underwear on him. I am having trouble with thinking that far “out there”. I spent a while yesterday afternoon teaching him to use the straw by himself. Well, last night he took a cup with no top on it and started drinking out of it! With no assistance, no spilling, no sloshing around – he just drank out of it. We’ve tried to do this with him forever it seems like, and last night he just went for it with no problem!

Last night the whole family took a trip to Walmart to buy Kell some underwear. Crazy, huh? We are actually buying underwear for him. Our Walmart trips are usually crazy. We have to use 2 carts. Our 18 month old goes in the front of one, while Kell goes in the back of the other. Well last night we decided to try it differently. We put our 18 month old in his stroller and had just 1 cart with Kell and our 4 year old walking. The difference in Kell in Walmart was amazing. He’s usually trying to pick something up to stim on, or is jumping around and it’s just chaos, which is why we put him in a cart and just get through it. Last night was actually pleasant. The best way to describe it is that Kell was aware of the family nucleus in a way that he never has been before – meaning that he behaved a lot more like our 4 year old and moved with the family as we shopped, instead of us pulling him along with us while he is focused on finding things to stim with.

It’s amazing where we are now in just the span of a week! While driving around yesterday running errands, I realized that everything feels different to me now. Even where we live seems different. Five years ago when we first noticed that something wasn’t right with Kell, I feel like my breath was taken away from me. For the first time since then, I feel like I can breathe again. Everything around me looks brighter, even mundane things. Kell is finally on a path of real progression and it is changing our daily lives! :)

His repetitive behavior (flapping objects) and vocal play are way down. Probably 50% reduced. He also gives up objects much more easily that he would have fought to keep for flapping. He is quieter and calmer throughout the day.

There are more stories but these are the heavy hitters. Jaime and I are committed to tell our story for various reasons. There is hope and that hope is derived from the work that you and the crew in Cancun are doing. Thank you for your commitment to ASD kids like Kell. When we first spoke, I mentioned “unwrapping” him was our goal. And indeed, just in time for the holidays, Kell is being unwrapped!!
His birthday will be celebrated this weekend and for the first time in his life he will blow out his own candles. Yes. Blowing and using a straw are two huge milestones he has passed with relative ease.

We will be forever indebted to World Stem Cells, LLC Dr. Abblitt, Dr. Celballos, Dr. Martha Schutte Isabela, Rudy, Tony & Miguel for the work you are doing. We want everyone to know what is happening in our lives so feel free to share.

Videos’ of Kell:
Autism Information:

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    • There is a wealth of information available on Stem Cell therapy and the emerging field in general. Many of our patients have asked me to present further information and give them a working knowledge of the terms and general information necessary to understand the industry. Under the Stem Cell Glossery section of our website are some of the most used terms. A posting of additional resources will be present shortly.

      Please note that we will be posting a number of clips for this purpose. In our YouTube area check for the updates. A recent lecture series given at the Annual Gathering of Mensa 2011 will be included.

      Recently a number of clinics have begun selling "cells" for treatments. The treatments are via IV and all sorts of claims are being made. The idea of the franchise of stem cell centers is the opposite of personalized medicine and clearly not the direction that I feel will benefit the majority of patients.

      As a consumer the buyer beware "caveat emptor " needs to be heightened in the competitive environment of questionable practices by "cell" salesman/women.
*DISCLAIMER: As with any medical treatment, no guarantees or claim of cures are made as to the extent of the response to treatment. Results vary from patient to patient, even with a similar diagnosis, as the body's internal status is unique to each individual patient. Because of this fact we cannot offer, infer or suggest that there is any certainty of a given outcome. Many of our treatments are not currently FDA approved. We do not use embryonic or fetal cells in any of our treatments.
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